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Aside from the creation of the shows, I had to gain a deep understanding of meteorological data to ensure that shows were both visually appealing but also working with the presenters to ensure the information being presented was scientifically accurate.
When working with clients from different countries, the information and design would need to be tailored. For example, Australia requires a bush fire forecast during the summer season.
Thailand and Myanmar region, they have monsoon seasons, which causes lots of property damage. North East Asia, such as Taiwan, Korea and Japan have typhoon season from June to August.

My role

I worked with clients across the globe, with a focus on SouthEast Asia, Australia and here in New Zealand to support and develop weather shows that are broadcast on the daily news.
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Weather data design
Weather location and board title design

Readability And Accurate

When dealing with high impact weather events, such as typhoons and bush fire, ensuring the shows contain accurate information and are easily understandable by the general public, it’s absolutely critical. I would work closely with expert forecasters and TV Stations to ensure all the information is available for the weather forecasters to present to the public.
To deliver accurate weather design, here’s what you need to consider. Choosing a right colour for temperatures, visualising accumulation for rain, clear division colours for subtle data changes and global colour agreements.

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