International Weather Show

2014 - 2018
Information design
UI / Icon design
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The Weather impacts everyone's activity and shapes their lifestyle. Each country has its weather events, for example, Cyclones in Pacific islands and Monsoon seasons in South East Asia.
One of the jobs I've done at MetService was creating weather shows for many global broadcast companies to ensure that the weather information was visually appealing and scientifically accurate.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects and Weather generating programme 'Weatherscape XT'.
Skill needed: Icon design, Data visualisation, Titles and standard TV station board design.

Understanding Weather Data

Understanding a client country's national weather pattern is the first step before designing their weather shows.
The information and design would need to be tailored when working with clients from different countries. For example, Australia requires a bushfire forecast in summer, and Southeast Asia has monsoon seasons, which causes lots of property damage by flooding. North-East Asia, such as Taiwan, S.Korea and Japan, has typhoon events happening every year from June to August.
When dealing with high-impact weather events, such as typhoons and bushfires, ensuring the shows contain accurate information and are easily understandable by the general public, it's critical.

Weather Icon Design

Broadcast companies always seek a different look and feel from other companies within the same country. I've explored different themes of weather display design in many ways, but having a stand-out icon design was a massive part of distinguishing it from other weather shows. (Perhaps visually impactive)
I've created a few weather icon sets that would look different from the usual ones, and a few companies ended up using them.