Video Production

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Photography and videography are parts of my passions. I kept growing photography knowledge with graphic design, and this combination boosted my career to step further to create another medium. I offer to companies where I’ve worked whenever there are opportunities for shooting videos and photos.


Discussion to Storyboard

To create a well-understood storyboard, discussion with stakeholders is the first step to start. I would ask,
What’s the purpose?
Who’s the audience?
What’ll the story be like?
Lengths of the video
What’s the best medium to attract the audience attention?
I would ask stakeholders to write more detail about the story. When the story is written as a script, I draw and transfer it to a soft copy and share it with them. This process will be back and forward a few times.

Graphic & Animation

When the storyboard gets created, I think about the efficient way to visualise each scene. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as a tool for graphical elements and then use After Effects for animation later on.
When clients and stakeholders expect too much visual effects that I can’t visualise, I let them know the limitation or alternative ways to cover them. I don’t often use After Effect, sometimes it’s hard to keep the latest features, but I push myself to keep track as much as possible.

Field shoot

When taking a shoot, it needs to be prepared beforehand:
1. We need to search for a location where there are no disruptions. 2. Time of the day, especially when taking a shoot outside. Sunlights and weather have a significant impact on unexpected conditions that can happen. 3. Talk with a person who is on the screen. Check on the person’s condition, clothes, make-up, and timings to cut the scenes.
There are many things to check, but those are the major to tick.
Filming on a field needs a lot of energy, even though it would be just a couple of hours. I always remind myself and others; it would take longer than expected and be exhausting. A detailed discussion with rehearsal beforehand would save a lot of energy and a great result.